Meditation and Buddhism classes

Meditation class with Buddhist MonkWe are pleased to have the opportunity to introduce to our guests Rev. Dangala Kusalagnana Thissa Thero – Psychologist and Buddhist Psychotherapist & Hypnos therapist, international Buddhist Meditation Instructor, Lecturer, Deputy Principle of Sri Sumedha Dhamma school.

“Loving kindness is a sense of affection. First, we must apply the loving kindness in our lives”,- says Ven. Kusala Thero. 

At the university, where Ven. Kusala Thero obtained his BA degree in Pali (Hons), he had the opportunity to learn more about other religions and philosophies. Then he obtained his MA at the Buddhist and Pali University in Sri Lanka. He also studied psychology and obtained the diploma in psychological care and Buddhist psychology. Throughout twenty years as a Budhist Monk he had experience in meditation in monasteries among different teachers. Today, he is a teacher at a national and international level. He helps people overcome their problems. His primary goal is to teach others to meditate and to bring them the basic knowledge of Buddhist doctrine and so that people can apply this in their lives.



In August 2017 Ven. Kusala Thero started conducting evening meditation and Buddhism classes once a week at Peacock Ayurveda Garden.

As Ven. Kusala Thero time to time is traveling around the world with his workshops and teachings we can offer his classes only when he is in Sri Lanka.

Meditation class with Buddhist Monk 2Meditation class with Buddhist Monk