Ayurveda for Your Beauty

Ayurveda focuses on the essence of an individual – body, mind, and spirit. Therefore, the comprehensive concept of beauty encompasses the physical, psychological, and spiritual states.

Ayurveda creates and defines beauty with the help of methods similar to those used in treating various health dysfunctions. In each case, this science takes into consideration the proportion of every person’s doshas and recommends the needed measures to balance them.

Ayurvedic spicesOne of the major factors that need to be taken in consideration is a balanced nutrition. Only a correct diet can sustain viability, good spiritual and physical shape, and can bring spiritual bliss, and interior and exterior beauty and harmony.

Another important Ayurvedic source of beauty and, at the same time, the instrument for its preservation is the Ayurvedic massage. Ayurvedic massages are performed with natural oils that feed body cells, remove toxic substances and stimulate skin regeneration. Oils are selected individually, according to client’s body composition, his/her age, and season of the year. Since Ayurvedic massages also improve skin color and texture, it is not surprising that they are also called rejuvenating massages.

During Ayurvedic procedures, the massage therapist applies pressure to vital points that regulate all systems of the body and the functioning of organs. The Ayurvedic massage helps eliminating toxins from the organism, reduces stress and fatigue, improves body posture and metabolism, and restores muscles flexibility. Ayurvedic massages also help with weight loss and restore physical and spiritual strength.

The yoga sessions and meditation recommended by Ayurveda specialists contribute to achieving peace of mind, but also balance metabolism, reduce insomnia symptoms, increase creative abilities and the energy level.