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Eva; Lithuania; 

What can I say… It was really absolutely terrific stay. Tranquility and peace in a beautiful garden surrounded by a jungle, every day massage and other treatments, yoga, delicious food, sincere smiles… Nature sounds, inner music… My Vata (it’s Ayurvedic dosha ☺) reduced and I enjoy calm awareness and gentle peace. And all it happened in one week! Can you imagine what could happen if I have a chance to prolong my detox vacation to normal two or three weeks stay! I know I can fly! Not kidding, absolutely serious ☺.
I was really amazed how Ayurvedic doctors diagnosed my health condition. They diagnosed my thyroid and herniated disc problems…by pulse beats and tongue.  And it was absolutely accurate diagnosis…
In fucking one week I became a totally new person! I feel lighter, more joyful, my constipation gone, gas problems disappeared and I got back my happy gut feeling ☺.
Peacock Ayurveda Garden is a real gem in a jungle, serenity in the midst of world turbulence. It’s Lord of the Rings, Lord of the Rings in the Sri Lankan jungle…
It is not a getaway. It gave me the ability to realize my true nature in everyday life. It gave me an understanding that I don’t need to be a recluse in a cave to find inner peace. I just need to find few weeks in a year to come to Sri Lanka and have my real self back.

Much much love,


Lollo; Sweden

Peacock Villa located in a quiet and peaceful area in Dikwella.
All treatments, yoga and the accommodation is well planned and it feels really authentic.
The staff is incredibly friendly and professional.
The owners are very nice and will do anything to make you happy and to have a perfect stay. Nothing is impossible for them to arrange.
The doctor is known for being one of the best and some guests choose to come to Peacock Villa to see him.
I can understand it because he's really professional. After my first consultation, he knew immediately what diseases and problems I had, but I didn´t tell him anything..
I can warmly recommend Peacock Villa. I felt much stronger, healthier and I really relaxed during my stay.

Egle and Mykolas; Lithuania

Dear All,
Just wanted to leave a descriptive comment about Peacock Villa where my husband and I spent a week in June 2014.
First of all we wanted to thank the owner for the hospitality and all the help she provided not only while staying at the Villa, but even before the whole trip. At first we were a bit lost where to start and how to organize the travelling plans as we had a three week long vacation and wanted to do and to see as much as possible. As the owner already lives for some significant amount of time in Sri Lanka, she was able to give a constructive advice which helped a lot to put the things in order and later which every step of the trip we noticed that the advice which was given was the best choice we could have made.
The other thing which has to be mentioned is the staff, the environment and the quality. We were very happy about the price-quality balance at Peacock. Before booking the stay here we checked various other Ayurvedic canters and it appeared that the price here was the best. At first we were a bit sceptic if upon arrival we were supposed to pay additionally for the treatment, meals or something else, but in fact, the owner explained, that the price for the stay was a fixed deal which included EVERYTING! All the procedures, doctor consultations, medicine on board, delicious and very fresh meal, transportation to the surrounding landmarks or the beach, etc. (you can check Peacock website). The quality of the services included was excellent. The staff was very friendly and helpful, the kitchen chef was always trying to surprise with something new, the therapist were very professional – the best part was the synchronized massage performed by two skilled masseurs. The thing we liked the most was that the whole Villa does not try to be commercial. It is a small, family-run business which focuses on natural treatment and health maintenance and is not trying to sell you as much as you might want or even more. This was a real discover after a hectic 10 days trip we had around Sri Lanka. The disappointing thing we discovered about this country was that while you are travelling, everyone who is involved in tourism business, is trying to sell you everything and for the prices which are not real. It looked that the locals were not seeing a foreigner, but a bag full of money which is willing to give some of it out for any minor service, advice or even a smile. This is why after the island tour we felt like in heaven when we came to Villa. It was far away from everyone begging, offering you something you do not need; we did not need to feel obliged to pay for every single small advice, explanation or even a favour. The environment was so calming and relaxing that it not only contributed to the treatment, but also helped to feel like in other world where all the previous problems seemed like a vague remote recollection of something which was not even real.
As I mentioned we stayed only for a week, but now from the personal experience I can tell that this is really too few time to get a real benefit from the Ayurvedic treatment. In case someone wants to have a nice relaxing time in a jungle villa, this might be enough, but in case one needs a therapy or, in other words, an alternative way of treatment against certain health problems, 10 days, I should say, would be the bare minimum. I don‘t want to go into details, this might be explained by the owner or the doctors which are working at the Villa, but the first couple of days is only a preparation of your body and only then the real treatments begins. So, in our case, out of 7 days we practically had a 2 days period for the treatment itself which was obviously too few to get at least an average result.
To summarize, we are really happy that we came to the decision to try Ayurvedic treatment at Peacock. We also are very grateful to the owner who came from the capital to ensure that we were getting everything needed and in a timely and efficient manner, thank you for your patience while answering the never ending questions!
Hopefully the above might be useful for someone who has a doubt whether to come or not to Peacock. Honestly, we believe that even in such a short time we spent here it helped us to see the other way of living and taking care of your own health.
Kind Regards,
Egle and Mykolas

Ciara Murphy , Ireland

I spent an amazing 10 days in Peacock Villa Ayurveda Garden in Sri Lanka. From the moment I landed in the resort all my expectations were met. The treatments were carried out in a professional and healing  manner. My room was tastefully decorated and cleaned daily. The food was delicious, simple and  nutritionally balanced. I was seen by the resident Ayurvedic Doctor on arrival and then every couple of days. He  identified my imbalance and prescribed my diet, herbal medicines and treatments accordingly.
Since returning home to Ireland I  have renewed energy and vitality. I look forward to returning to Peacock Villa and highly recommend it to those seeking good health.