Peacock Ayurveda Garden also provides acupuncture services.

Acupuncture (lot. Acus – needle + puncture – puncture) is a method of treatment which is carried out through the stimulation of the particular points in the body with the help of special acupuncture needles.

Acupuncture was founded in China around 1000 BCE. Such a treatment is beneficial in restoring a bodily balance and activating the inner processes that help the body to recover from an illness.

The procedure is administered by stimulating specific active points along the skin with thin needles specially used for acupuncture. The needles are left inserted into the skin from 10 to 40 minutes, depending on what needs to be achieved: the stimulation of the body and its organs, the relief of pain or inflammation.

When the needle stimulates the acupuncture point, the neuroendocrine system is harmonised, which results in the relief of pain and better workings of the autonomic nervous system. Also, a number of biologically active substances are released in the process, the immune system itself is adjusting, blood flow improves, etc. Such changes are beneficial for a more rapid healing of ulcers and wounds, recovery of the skin, reduced swelling, inflammation and irritability of the nervous system.

Because of such wide range of effects, acupuncture can be used in treating respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, allergic, spine and joint diseases, rheumatism, also it helps to regulate the blood flow, strengthens the immune system, reduces irritability, anxiety, soothes pains and corrects body weight.

The procedure is not included into the service package and is additionally charged.